Pebble's Pantry Christmas Bundle

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We have thoughtfully put together a lovely little Christmas bundle with our yummy essentials & most popular Pebbles Pantry products.

We have put together a lovely little Christmas bundle with our essential & most popular Pebbles Pantry products. Including our famous RealFood chocolate brownie mix that has no added sugar or sweetener, made with 100% organic cacao drops, also included is our gluten-free RealFood bread mix, which has been the talk of town since its launch, we also added the classic, yet delightful RealFood vanilla cake mix and last but not least the very nostalgic RealFood Gingerbread mix, which has been proven a real winner during this festive season.

All the mixes in this bundle are full of nutrient dense, real food ingredients and free from all the nasties! Natural eat good, feel good treats. Treat this perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones, or if you know anyone who'd appreciate a good treat, or perhaps anyone who wants to start a healthier new year, without being deprived, this bundle could come very useful to keep those cravings in check. Treat them well with this bundle of treats, we're sure anyone who receives this bundle will enjoy all the natural yummy goodness. Happy tummy and Happy Christmas.

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