Paleosophy - The Philosophy of Paleo

Here at Pebbles Pantry we promote a Paleo and Primal Lifestyle. The philosophy behind Paleo and Primal eating is possible for all. Whether you're interested in losing weight, learning to make healthier choices or improve your general health it can work for you. It's based on simple Paleo/Primal eating habits, and not fad diets, gimmicks or clever marketing. Listening to your body and including the Paleo and Primal food philosophy in your lifestyle is not as hard as you might think but attempting it may reap positive rewards for your health! Eat good & feel good!

Basic Principle

In general, good health can be achieved by eating the right foods and cutting out the processed foods loaded with knowingly harmful ingredients. These days, with all the marketing labels, special offers and gimmicks, do we even know what these are? Our Paleosophy narrows this down and focuses on cutting out specific types of ingredients and food:

  • Unhealthy grains (i.e. wheat, oats and corn) besides being very high carb, usually consumed in a processed, acellular form, they are commonly contaminates with Roundup. In the UK at least Roundup, one of Monsanto's flagship products is frequently used to boost wheat yields just days before harvest.
  • Refined sugars (i.e. white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup and cane sugar) associated with many health disorders. Sugar goes by at least 61 different names on your food labels, it's not uncommon to see several names in a single ingredient list.
  • Vegetable oils (i.e. sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil) which are usually loaded with highly toxic trans-fat. It's no secret that vegetable oils are not made from vegetables, they're made from grains and seeds. There are many potential problems with vegetable oils, some issue arise from cooking or storage, but even fresh, pure are raw these oils unbalance your omega 3 : omega 6 intake ratio. All PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) oxidise very easily, heat from cooking accelerates this process considerably.

You may want to limit dairy & legumes.

Nowadays, many mainstream products contain some, or all, of these listed ingredients. From gluten-free bread, to low fat crisps, to 'healthy' pre-packaged ready meals, you'll see these ingredients in one form or another. I am sure you are already aware that processed foods are unhealthy, but what about the foods claiming to be healthy? If you're not already doing it, it's time to learn to read the ingredients under the ingredients label. We encourage you to read the ingredients before making your choice because packaging is often misleading. But if in doubt, use our Paleosophy principles as guidance, then develop your own understanding and be an informed shopper.

Why Pebbles Pantry Products?

It is our mission to change the way you bake and create mixes that you and your body will love. In our venture for a healthier eating experience, we continually seek out organic ingredients wherever possible.

We promise to be transparent about our ingredients and strive to create the most delicious and nutritious products we can. These are often premium ingredients without the nasties and we hope we can make a difference in making them become more mainstream for the wider public.

We have mindfully and carefully created a collection of nutrient dense, delicious and easy to make, cake mixes, bread mixes, cookie mixes and raw treat mixes, that are all made from only 100% real and natural ingredients. If you look at our products you will see that they are free from grains, refined sugars, vegetable oils, Genetically Modified Organisms, glutens, artificial sweeteners, soy products, artificial preservatives and additives. So you can have your cake, eat it & enjoy it! Guilt-free and feel good! Please feel free to read more on Our products page and Our ingredients page.

Many of our customers have learnt a lot about our philosophy through using our products and engaging in 'primal eating'. With Paleosophy, we hope to give you a foundation upon which to develop. We hope it inspires you to discover your own version of true healthy eating for your lifetime, not just a month.

Don't be shy, give us some love! We want grow this community, and so your feedback and comments through our blog pages, recipe pages and product pages are very welcome.

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