Real Food Brownie Mix - Made from 100% Cacao drops

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Probably the healthiest brownies in the world! Chocolatey, fudgy, and irresistibly delicious! You'll feel good knowing you're getting your chocolate cravings with a whole lot of nutrients at the same time. Have your dinner guests back for more.

  • Raw cacao are high in complex anti-oxidants and rich in healthy fats
  • Raw cacao are also rich in minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc & iron
  • Our Realfood Brownie mix is truly a real food guilt free treat
  • Our mixes are packed with only real food ingredients and zero fillers or preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Paleo compliant
  • Vegan friendly*
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We have crammed this Extraordinary Paleo Brownie Mix with our 100% Cacao Drops, giving you an intense chocolatey flavour. Full of natural ingredients that will supercharge you inside and out. These brownies are naturally sweetened with our favourite Medjool dates, which also help to create the fudgy texture you'd expect from a brownie. We don't like to miss a trick!

Makes: Up to 16 brownies

Ideas & other suggestions for this product:

  • We love topping our brownies with a layer of chocolate Grenache (made with our 78% Dark Chocolate Cacao Drops) and a sprinkle of fresh berries! Heaven!
  • Alternatively serve the usual way and add a dollop of 'nice cream' or whipped cream.
  • Just add some walnuts for a walnut brownie.

*For Vegan Friendly recipe check out our Pebbles Pantry recipe Blog, Facebook pages and Instagram pages.

Weight 375g ℮
Number of Servings Up to 16 squares