Our Cave Story

Hello, I'm Vivian, a foodie passionate about healthy eating and baking! I'm a wife and a proud mother of two, and my family follow a Paleo/Primal Lifestyle. Paleo lifestyle is becoming more popular, and I want to share a real part of my life with you in the hope it could change the way you think about everyday food and your health. I'm no health expert, but I want everyone to know that you don't have to be an expert to make significant changes to your health. At Pebbles Pantry I want to focus on high nutritional treats created from natural ingredients, to keep you and your tummy happy! Absolutely no gimmicky labels or artificial ingredients. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and learn about my passion and products.


I know health is a huge part of everyone's life and it's getting harder to make sensible choices in today's world. Before Pebble's Pantry was created, I considered myself to be 'healthy': I ate my 'five-a-day, kept processed foods to a minimum, and drank moderately. I ate what I like in moderation, and my BMI was perfect. Then in 2013, I became pregnant with my first child, and I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It came as a shock for my husband and myself. It meant we had the added pressure of monitoring me and my baby's health condition during my pregnancy. In the end, we gave birth Five weeks early to our First beautiful baby 'Hugo'.

Our lives continued as normal after Hugo's birth as new exciting parents. While clearing up one day, my husband, Dan found my blood glucose meter, so he decided to test his blood sugar level. He was being curious and believed that his health was pretty good, and so It came as another shock to learn the results indicated that he was in the diabetic range. It was a wakeup call for us both; the whole experience challenged our idea of what was 'healthy'.

'Paleosophy': No grains, refined sugars or vegetable oils

Dan decided he needed to do something. He spent hours researching diets and changing his eating habits but nothing worked: we both lost a little weight, but we were still doing something wrong according to our blood glucose meter, which still indicated our blood sugar level in the diabetic range. The turning point came when Dan stumbled upon Mark Sisson's 'The Primal Blueprint', an eating philosophy based on the habits of Paleolithic ancestors. It was far from what I understood about modern-day food, and I was very sceptical: how could I possibly avoid eating grains, refined sugars and vegetable oils, these ingredients are in all our everyday foods? They can't be that bad, and I thought avoiding them would limit food choices. No way! I refused to do it at the time.

Undeterred, Dan continued his research and went on to try the Paleo and Primal diet. As with other diets, he decided he would to try it for a month. OMG! I couldn't believe how he has transformed right in front of my eyes. In just two months by following the Paleo food philosophy, he lost 14Kg, and was full of energy. In only a few months he was achieving his health goals and was no longer at risk of Diabetes. He was so pleased with the transformation; he just kept going and going with the Primal experiment. So I decided it had to be worth a try. After a couple of months of seeing similar success to Dan's, we both decided to commit our family to a Paleo & Primal Lifestyle.

Our friends and family were very impressed by our transformation. Some were encouraged to take on the Paleo diet and reaped similar benefits, and some cut down on processed food, refined sugar, empty carbs and started eating healthier. It felt so rewarding to see that it was working for people around us too, making all of us happier and healthier, and there were no 'low fat' foods, fad diets or gimmicks involved! Just wholesome real food made from natural food sources.

Six months into our new lifestyle, we were thrilled to become pregnant again. The doctors advised that I was most likely to develop Gestational Diabetes again and that my pregnancy would be monitored as high risk. It was a real blow to my confidence. After careful consideration, we made an educated decision to continue with our Paleo and Primal lifestyle throughout our second pregnancy. I am pleased to say I didn't develop Gestational Diabetes this time and that we had a healthy pregnancy. We gave birth to our second beautiful baby, Arya, AKA Pebbles (our very own Cave Girl!).

Today, I am grateful for two strong, healthy and lively (cave) children, and for a wonderful, supportive (cave) husband, partly attributed to the Paleo and Primal Lifestyle.

We will never look back; it's now a natural way of life for us. If you would like to follow our story and our community, please read our Pebble's Pantry Blog or subscribe to our Pebbles Pantry Newsletter.

Baking and Eating, The Paleo Way

I realised that as the love and appreciation for my family grew, I found my passion for paleo-baking and cooking also grew. I have always loved baking and enjoying the occasional treat, and I didn't want to lose that. With our new lifestyle, I knew I couldn't rely on the supermarket to meet our dietary wants and needs, so I decided to create my own guilt-free, tasty and nutritious paleo-friendly treats. It turned out they were so popular with my family and friends that I realised that I could offer something valuable to people and in the hope to inspire more people to eat healthier yet deliciously through our Paleosophy, so Pebbles Pantry was born! We want to offer our customers high-quality ingredients and guidance on how to create tasty treats. Customers will have the power to decide what goes into their body without denying themselves. Foods high in nutrition from natural ingredients, without the gimmicks and artificial ingredients. Treats that are natural for humans to consume in the modern world.

Who said Paleo and Primal foods are boring and limited? Join our community, and you'll see that recipes are easy to make, as well as nutritious and tasty. You can support our small business by starting your Paleo and Primal journey here and enjoy our products alongside your diet and by following us on social media.

Remember, you are what you eat!

We look forward to sharing this exciting and delicious journey with you.

Lots of Love,


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